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What we are

emBO++ is an international community conference located in Bochum.

In the middle of the Ruhr-Valley metropolitan area.

This former mining stronghold of germany and central europe is todays headquarter of modern mining technology, med-tech and a hot-spot for embedded technology.

Part of this eco system is the emBO++, that is now taking place the

6th time already!

Over the last years, emBO++ has become one of the leading embedded conferences in the world.

With many attendees from the

ISO Cpp SG14
rust embedded workgroup,

emBO++ focusses on

  • high efficiency
  • ultra low latency
  • hard realtime
  • hardware abstraction
  • libraries and toolchains
    for modern embedded projects


We are not a commercial platform for finding customers like a trade fair or sponsored product families.

Please be aware

That proposing for a sponsorship might be rejected, due to organization commitee voting.

When and where

  • MARCH 12th AND 13th
    Networking and activities for our attendees around bochum
  • MARCH 14th - 16th
    conference and workshops
  • MARCH 17th
    emBO ++ steering commitee and pre standard discussion group meeting


Zentrum für IT Sicherheit (ZITS)
Lise Meitner Allee 4
44799 Bochum

Meet the community

Beeing an experts community meeting with moderate pricing

we offer sponsoring options for making this event nicer every year.

We would be happy and grateful to have YOU as a supporter of this great event

Facts and figures

  • > 120 attendees
  • > 20 speakers & experts
  • More than
    20 talks and workshops
  • > 500 follower on twitter
  • > 50k Twitter impressions
    during conference days
  • 25 sponsored tickets
  • Attendees from
    all over the world
  • High integration of
    leading universities


  • Embedded C++/C
  • Rust on embedded
  • Ultra Low latency
  • Hard Realtime
  • Efficient Toolchaining
  • Testing
  • Library
  • Energy efficiency
  • Operating Systems as well as Bare Metal
  • Paralellism and concurrency
  • Standardization
  • Safety and Security
  • IoT & Industry 4.0
  • Intelligent Measuring
  • LoRaWAN / BT(-LE) / LTE & cellular / Ethernet and WiFi / GPS and Galileo
  • Event Driven programming
  • State machines
  • Compile time scheduling
  • Template Meta Programming

10 reasons why

  • Community organized conference
    with no financial profit motive
  • 3 days with high level talks
    and hands on workshops
  • Exchanging and discussing
    with ISO CPP SG14 members
  • Getting in touch with engineers
    of current fundamental infrastructure
  • Finding an meeting
    your colleagues of tomorrow
  • Connecting embedded
    hard and software developer
  • Meet the next generation:
    high potential students and trainees
  • Inspiration from experts
    in the embedded field
  • Learn and teach together
    with the elite on embedded devices
  • Share your knowledge with great people
    and companies from all over the world

Getting in touch


+49 (0) 234 / 58 54 58 05



or use the form below.


Call for Sponsors

In order to apply as a sponsor of emBO++ 2021 please fill out this form.


Please return the completed form until 31st December 2020.