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Call for papers

emBO++ Conference on modern embedded system design.

The embedded domain has been a growing industry for years. At emBO++ we want to discuss modern methods and unique techniques for building the embedded future.


If you are working on embedded systems and want to share your expertise in

  • library design
    for embedded architectures
  • optimizing code
    for embedded platforms
  • enhancing tool-chains
    for embedded targets
  • designing PCBs
    for embedded systems

or anything else, embedded related, you are invited to apply for one of our lectures at emBO++2022.

You can apply for

  • Giving a 15-Minute lightning-talk
    on Friday or Saturday
  • Giving a 10-Minute lightning-talk
    on Friday
  • Giving a 50-Minute talk
    on Friday or Saturday
  • Presenting a Poster online
    at emBO++s exhibition hall



Call for Papers

In order to participate in emBO++ 2021 please fill out this form.